Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Thanks Keith, for making me "God." I have always thought that we are just the figments of someones imagination. That once someone stops thinking about us we just vanish. Then when they think of us again we magically come back into their lives.

I am so productive.

On Saturday I was busily working at get the cores done. When all of a sudden a fuzzy lady came up to me and told me she needed my help. She said she need me to find her husband. At first I thought she was crazy. She told me her husband gambled to much and, "got in to deep." He deiced to go and make a deal to get their debts removed. He had not returned. She asked if I would go to the house down the street and see if he was there. I thought that sounds simple enough. I said "OK." I went to the house, and he is not there. the gentleman he had gone to meet was though. I asked If he had seen him. Of course he had seen the man. The man had traveled somewhere to do the big gentleman a favor to pay off the debt. The gentlemen was worried because he hadn't returned also. He said He sent him to retrieve a family heirloom. It was on a island. He owned a boat and we could go looking for the man together. I thought "OK." Well, we get to the island where the man was. We split up try and find the missing man. Well I find him behind a gate to a old fort. I open the gate and walk in, and the gate closed and locks behind me. I talk to the missing man and find out it is all a lie. They just trick people to come to the island to be hunted. The stupid man could have just warned me before I opened the gate and got trapped with him. To make it worse the man told me he can't fight and would I fight our way out for us. I had to go in to this boobie trapped cave and fight my way out. Then I get to the end and the big gentleman is waiting with the lost loser man. He kills the lost loser man. Then is angry because I have survived. He can't let me win. So I kill the big gentleman. I was real tired so I thought I would rest before going home on the boat. Well when I wake-up, I find something is wrong. I am a vampire. I got to sleep in the open at night. I got exactly what I deserved. Now I have to travel all over the place to find a cure. I find a king who can help me, but he was a jerk. He did tell me about a witch I could go see. I fight my way through the forest and finally find her house. She refused to help me, unless I help her. She is a witch what did I expect. She need 5 grand soul stones. She might as well of asked for the world. So I leave to find the stones. Well, just when I think I have tracked one down. The empire guards catch me and throw me in jail for stealing. I was just trying to figure out a way out of jail. That's when Liz came back from baby sitting Lucy. She then asked me if I got anything done. I said of course I got things done. If you made it the end of this You are obviously not busy. I was told my blog was useless. Well, Now it is.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Saturday. I just have to say I really enjoyed the dream analyzing on Liz's blog. That was fun. I also had a funny conversation with a friend of mine. He is legally blind in one eye. This means he's isn't allow to drive. He has tried learning several times. It has never gone well for him. He called me last night to tell me he bought a car. Yep that's right he bought a car. He bought is for him and his soon to be wife. Witch is a long story in and of itself. I just had to laugh. The next time you are in your car look out.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The loyalty of Liz's cats amazes me. I came home yesterday without Liz. She was helping Jessica. I came inside the house,and petted the cats. Then the fat cat stars howling when i close the door and walked away. There she sat howling waiting for Liz to come home. i change and got ready to finish a project. She stayed right there. Cats are weird.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

Parental Advisory

I have a guy at work we will call "Bruce." I have to tell the world he is a DUMB ASS!!!!!!!! I hope when I get old I am not a dumb ass. He is mean, vindictive, manipulative, self absorbed, megalomaniac. On top it all he is a dumb ass!! The man is a few years from retirement. He can get any promotions for the above reasons. the higher up bosses won't let him move to another department. They don't want to spread his trouble. he was put on a form of disciplinary action on Friday. He shows up to work today with pictures of the boss, that are not the best. He is tyring to attack the bosses character. The boss did nothing! his boss just laughed. I said "Bruce your a dumb ass." I was told that it is not a H.R. problem even though we all know it is. I don't know why people are afraid of people like that. they should get exactly what they deserves. "Bruce" I just want to let the world know you are a DUMB ASS!!! I have had a great day can you tell.